Online Roulette: Most Played Numbers

Whenever the ladies join us for a night out at the casino, we always find ourselves at the roulette table. There’s something about the high roller attitude of roulette that keeps me coming back. I think we have such a good time because it’s a game that you can play for a long time if you place the right bets and you keep your bets small while sticking to the better odds. Most roulette players buy in and place bets on random numbers, usually playing anywhere from 10% to 30% of their buy on one spin. Playing bets that give you 35:1 is not the way to have a fun-filled evening at a casino.

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t place bets on numbers; I’m saying that most of your bets will be predetermined and will offer a better chance for you to win. First off, it’s important that you determine which type of table you’re playing at. Double 0 tables and single 0 tables offer different edges to the house. Tables with 00 spot the house a 5.26% edge, while the single 0 tables cut that edge to 2.63%.

The better bets consist of betting on the near-to-even odds of red or black. Some players use the law of probability to decide on which color they’ll choose by keeping track of each spin and waiting until one color hits in succession a few times, then betting on the other one hitting next because it’s due. The reality of that is that the wheel is supposed to be random, and the same color could hit hundreds of times in a row. I’ll leave the probability decisions up to you.

This bet can be taken a step further by betting a color and then betting a vertical column of numbers. For example betting on the black while also betting on column #2 (under the #36), or red with the vertical line under the #35. Each vertical line has more numbers of the same color in them.

Once you win a few chips playing these odds you can take a bit of the profit and bet on some longer shots. I like to play the same numbers when I bet 35:1, but if you are keeping track of all the spins and you notice one or two numbers hitting a little more than others, I would try those numbers also.

Think you are ready to test what you just learn? If so, then here is an online casino for you to get started.