This Sunday, November 30th the CBS network will present their documentary “How Online Gamblers Unmasked Cheaters”. This special was filmed after a four-month examination into the online poker industry and in particular, a scandal involving online Texas Hold’em room Absolute Poker.

This poker room was studied after some of Texas Hold’em players on the webpage declared that a poker player was unlawfully winning a huge amount of poker chips. Todd Witteles was a vital player in this study, according to Witteles; he was losing incredible amounts of poker chips to the very same Texas Hold’em poker player. Witteles says that this poker player was raising against incredibly good hands, most people would have presumed he was basically giving his money to the other players, but he was actually winning many poker hands.

Witteles was pretty accurate with his suppositions, following this it was uncovered that a person possibly working for the company was able to view any player’s hole cards. At first look, Absolute Poker stated that there were no problems with the page or the Texas Hold’em poker competitor. After several players showed up with claims, the poker site investigated deeper into the matter and discovered wrongdoing.

By Jan. of 2008, the gaming commission came across what Texas Hold’em players and Texas Hold’em poker room had suspected all the time. The result of the investigation was that, there was an employee who had broken through the Texas Hold’em poker site´s protection and was playing illegitimately for roughly a month and a half. The study showed that the poker room had not profited from the unlawful behavior at all, and was in no way, shape or form implicated.

These situations are further testimony that there needs to be more regulation in regards to online poker websites. The United States government needs to license and control online Texas Hold’em poker industry to protect these decent customers. These regulations would also police the entry to these pages by kids, which is becoming another problem issue these days.